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A. Phoenix Study Hub

Phoenix Study Hub is a professional service that offers expert guidance to parents who aspire to see their children successfully gain admission to top universities. Our team of experienced advisors is dedicated to providing personalized advice and support to help parents understand the academic requirements, extracurricular activities, and other factors that are essential for their children’s success in the highly competitive world of university admissions. Whether you are seeking assistance with selecting the right courses, preparing for standardized tests, or developing a compelling application, Phoenix Study Hub is here to help you and your child achieve your academic goals.

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Student Success Coaching

If you think Student Success Coaching sounds like the right opportunity for your students or children, now is a better time than ever to get started.

What will the Student Success Coaching Program help my teen achieve?

  • Grades and motivation
  • Social and leadership skills
  • Anxiety about the future and the college application process

How long does it take for the program to work?

It could take 2-3 years to create a solid plan for shaping a vibrant young mind and building lifelong self-motivating habits. There are several key stages our students go through:

  • Awareness Stage
  • Exploration Stage
  • Growth Stage
  • Decision Making Stage

How will my teen be transformed during the process?

  • High level of self-awareness and self-understanding
  • Solid strategic plan on what to do in the upcoming 3 or 4 years (depending on the student’s year of joining) in terms of in-school and out-school activities
  • Concrete goal-setting skills and set up measurable milestones with an action plan
  • Thorough understanding of one’s interests and passion
  • A precise idea on how to build up an initiative that aligns with one’s life goals